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Gruggle, the first book

Gruggle, book the first

In the beginning there was the sneeze.
And of the sneeze was created the Great Grug,
and of him comes all stuff which is.

And he did make forth a great dwelling
and it was as that great dwelling that he first made
that he first made a dwelling, of greatness

As he was reposing in his dwelling
he realized all was not great, despite
the great dwelling that he first made

And so Jolt , the divine nectar of the gods
he did bring into being, that sweet nectar of the gods
"That is most most groovy ," quoth he

And all was then great for some time
but as he reposed and quaffed of his elixir
he came to desire something, something grand.

And thus was created the first swedish ski bunny
bikini team and they were in adoration of his greatness
for he was now complete, and had forth much fornication

End chapter the one.

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