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The contents of the gruggle

Contents of the gruggle

Welcome to all, and makes yerselves at home, crack a and kick back for an enlightening forey into the world of the Great Grug, cause hey, you're already here so you might as well understand it right?
We have here several chapters none of them in final form, and none of them yet complete. However perhaps, you might gain something from the readings, and might, leave here a better person (Grug knows you have room for inprovement :-).
the book, the first
the second, being an account of the Qnarf
the third book, the tragedy of the Ugq
the fourth book, luckiest of the disciples, pugq
final fourth book (for now), the New the grugq, a history

OUR RITUALS, or how to be of sound mind, and really jittery body

the taking of name
the ritual intoxication of Jolt, sacred substance
ritual use of food, or food fight of the Great Grug