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the Reverse Engineer's Assembly Producer (Home page)


Reap (the Reverse Engineer's Assembly Producer) is a Perl/Tk-based GUI for the objdump binutil. Not only a disassembler, it also cross-references JMPs and CALLs, and inserts string references where appropriate. In addition to providing advanced editing features, this program displays information about the binary under inspection, the offset of an opcode, header info, and more.

Reap has a lot of nifty features, but it is nowhere close to where I want it to be, so if you are looking for something that won't kill your X server, destroy data, rewrite your MBR or otherwise react havoc on your box, don't use reap. It is kinda voltile :) Of course it might not do all of that sutff, but I can't really say what it will or won't do cause I am still developing it :) cool huh?

Reap is capable of disassembling any binary file you have, but it works best with elf binaries (as long as bfd can read it, we can disassemble it :) In order for the GUI to work, you need the perl Tk module, you can get it at . I wrote it with Tk8.0015, or something... anything close to that should work, but I have no clue.. I guess you should let me know. reap was written with the help of SiuL+Hacky. He is the man.

This is the latest greatest version, you can get it in source code only, cause it is a perl script :)

The changes have primarily been bug fixes, if you are using anything but reap 4B, upgrade, you will love the diffrence (the new reap gets you women ;)

Older versions here :

reap-0.4A.tar.gz    Ooops, this one doesn't compile "out of the box". Fixed in 4B.
reap-0.3F.tar.gz   This is pretty stable
reap-0.2.tar.gz   Um, this was the intial public release, IPO even ;)




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